Vietnam Book Drive

The Problem

[url=]Vietnam Book Drive (VBD)[/url] is a volunteer group founded by 5 high school students in HCMC, Vietnam, who attended leadership training workshops held by SEALNet ([url=]Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network[/url]) Vietnam Project 2007. The purpose of VBD is to collect books and collaborate with [url=]Vietnam Learning Association (VLA)[/url] to distribute the books to the Community Learning Centers, so that people in deep south of Vietnam can access and enjoy the knowledge from books. Besides, VBD also wants to connect the students having the same passion to improve leadership, group-working skills and spirit of helping the community. We need funds to organize events, where people can come participating in fun and education-related activities while donating books. We are planning to promote the drive into other areas outside HCMC as well.

Plan of Action

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