Virginia Power Shift 2008

The Problem

Virginia Power Shift aims to inform Virginia's youth on the environmental challenges that we as a state, and as a nation face, including global climate change. Open to high school and university students across Virginia, the summit will strive to educate and motivate youth in the commonwealth to take positive steps towards finding solutions for climate change. Virginia Power Shift will take place over the weekend of October 10-12, 2008.

Plan of Action

Hosted by the Environmental Coalition at Virginia Tech, we have established a planning committee of over 30 people with a goal of bringing together over 1000 students from across Virginia. With recruitment coordinators on campuses of Virginia's major universities, we have coordinated our efforts through weekly conference calls, planning retreats, and online coordination for the past six months. With subcommittees for workshops, logistics, budget, speakers, and many others, the VAPS planning team has devoted countless hours to ensuring the success of this conference. Already our impact has made waves, drawing attention from local and state-level media, all the while circulating through the blogosphere on websites like

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