Voice of Chihuahua

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The Problem

This orginaztion, that my brother and two of his other friends, started about four years ago. They went with my church on a mission trip to a place caould Chihuahua, Mexico. They went into an area ridden with SO much poverty, violence, and gangs, the local police would not even enter the area for the fear of themselves being shot. There was a little soup kitchen run by a little lady who felt that this is what she should do, she gave everything to the soup kitchen. She had about 100 kids coming and getting meals. This soup kitchen was not a big huge one like they have up here, they had regular kitchen appliances and the serving area, was not very big at all. When my brother and his friend realized this, they knew they had to do something. When they came back to America, they had a silent auction and a mexican dinner. That night officaly changed the soup kitchen, for they raised $50,000 in one night! They have know invested that money to build up and out on the soup kitchen to make the area bigger. The owner, Rosie, wants to have sewing machines, to teach the women how to sew and other important life skills. She also wants to have a church up there too!

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