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The Problem

Help Build a Global Community. ---description in progress--- Volition was started by Amberjade Mwekali Taylor and Trey Eaddy and is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. The Project's purpose is to further global communication and understanding, first on a mircro-level, with the intentions of progressing to a macro-level. Volition, as a word, is a cognitive process where an individual decides on & commits to a particular course of action. It's defined as 'purposive striving' & is one of the primary human psychological functions. Volitional processes can be applied consciously, and they can be automized as habits over time. With the project, we are trying to explore the connections between strangers & neighbors through alternative means of communicating a theme or position. Through making some form of mixed media compilation and offering it up as a single unit, we attempt to get strangers & neighbors to consciously commit to becoming a part of it's message, and to create their own. All funds (grants, donations, revenues) for Volition go to two orphanages (in Kenya and India) with whom we have personal connections. Funds care for about 50 orphans who have lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS crisis at Mbitini Emmanuel Orphanage in Mbitini, Kenya. Our goals for Mbitini are proper nutrition, safe and comfortable dwelling, clean water, sustainable gardening, artistic development, and support for education/future employment. ORPHANAGE IN INDIA The Project's goals include organizing art exhibits and recording compilations to encourage community involvement; field recordings of both music and natural soundscapes in the United States, Israel, Kenya, and India. Help infect the global cociousness!

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