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Our Do Something Club has been very busy since our last post. Even with all of our icky weather we have been able to get a vast number of projects accomplished! We FINALLY finished cleaning the money for the Black Hawk Mental Health Institute. This money came from a local mall and was donated to the BHMI, and before they could take it to the bank to collect it, it all had to be cleaned. The money was full of a dirty build up and was very hard to clean, the students came up with many different ideas of what to use to clean the money, ranging from ketchup, lemon juice, and cream of tarter, or even coke. It was a very dirt task. We also helped out Together for Youth a local agency that works to prevent teen pregnancy. For this project we made bracelets for the agency to pass out to promote awareness for teen pregnancy. Along with this, we have stuffed brochures for the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. These brochures talked about different programs run through the Food Bank. During the Holiday season, our club helped out the Cedar Bend Humans Society, and the United Way. The Humane Society was having a large Easter egg hunt for the community. Our task in helping them was to fill up all of their eggs with candy. Our club ended up filling about 5,000 plastic eggs with candy for the Humane Society, resulting in a very exciting egg hunt. For Valentines Day, we helped the United Way by creating homemade Valentines cards for all the donors and volunteers of the United Way. Another organization we have helped this term was the Cedar Falls Tourism and Visitors Bureau. They Bureau had over 5,000 visitor guides that were misprinted. Our students had to take little labels and place it over the misprinted section. This was a very tedious job but they did amazing. We also have been working to help the Waterloo Community School District. Our first project with them was to color maps from different countries for the Culture Fest. Out second and current project is creating seed packets. The school district is handing out seed packets with a little sticker on then that says “Volunteers Plant the Seeds of Kindness”. After the labels are on the packet, we had to tape it to a pencil. These packets will be passed out to all to volunteers who help out around the schools. Our students have made almost 500 packets so far and are still working on more! It is amazing how much you can do from your own school in only a week! We have 4 different clubs at different middle schools, and each club meets once a week for about an hour. We have about 12 students at each school with numbers rising. We are so proud of our kids and the work they have done! With the nice weather upon us we are hoping to start taking field trips to local agencies to volunteer on site! PHOTOS TO COME!!!!!!!

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