Wake Up to World Poverty Benefit Concert

The Problem

After traveling to Guatemala 4 days before I graduated high school in 2005 with my father, I vowed never to forget the lessons that I learned there and the hardship that I witnessed. To continue to help the extremely poverty-stricken regions of Eastern Guatemala, my dad and I decided to throw an annual benefit concert in our backyard, with all of the proceeds going to Outreach for World Hope, the local charity that we traveled with that does humanitarian aid work in Guatemala. They have a child sponsorship, health center, and agricultural program in the Jocotan region of Guatemala. Child sponsorship enables a kid to go to school and recieve a monthly meal stipend for their family. I also co-sponsor a six year old girl with my best friend. The idea of the benefit concert is that people come out to our country backyard for the day (my dad built a stage off the front of his work shed) to enjoy local Madison area bands, enjoy food and drink, and donate and learn about a very important cause. 2007 is our second year doing it, with the benefit concert coming up next weekend, but we plan to do it every year. Please visit the charity's website www.outreachforworldhope.org to learn more information about this year's event. It is my goal to enter the non-profit sector after I finish college, but I realized there is no reason why I can't start now - because the need is there! If there is a LiveAid/LiveEarth, we can have a LiveVerona,Wisconsin and still make a difference! I am applying for a grant to cover some of either this years expenses or next year's.

Plan of Action

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