Wake Up Walton!

The Problem

Walton, KY is an aging community but with a vibrant school community. Many of our residents are senior citizens who have lived in their homes most of their adult lives and hope to stay in them as long as they possibly can even when they are unable to maintain upkeep of the home and yard. We form teams of students, church groups and businesses in the community to commit to four hours of service to these senior citizens in the spring. After meeting for breakfast at the high school, these teams are assigned a home of a local senior citizen and go to their home to do yard work. This may include trimming bushes and trees, garden weeding, flower planting and mulching. We have also painted porches, stained decks or whatever the senior wishes to have done to beautify their home. Last year, we had about 240 volunteers who visited 50 homes in our community. All of the supplies (mulch, flowers, paint) are free to the seniors and provided by donations to our Wake Up Walton fund maintained at the high school.

Plan of Action

We begin recruiting senior citizens and volunteers in January for this service project which will occur in early May. Next, we speak to local chamber of commerce events and church events to recruit volunteers and request donations. We drop off all mulch the day before (about 300 bags) to all the homes. All food for the breakfast is arranged prior to the event and t shirts are ordered for each participant (seniors and volunteers). On the day of the event, we meet for breakfast and a short welcome before assigning each team a home to beautify. Teams then dispense to their assignment while the "hospitality" team covers the area with trucks replenishing supplies and checking on the volunteer teams.

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