Walk Away from Violence

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The walk away from violence campaign started out as a small community project for student government that rocketed into something larger then I could imagine. This was a campaign that I began to raise awarness of the detrimental effects of school violence. I have researched acts of violence in the apst and I really got to thinking that students at my school really had no idea about anything. Through student government I purchased lanyards that said "BAYSIDE BEARS WALK AWAY FROM VIOLENCE" on them. We gave all the atheletes and staff free lanyrards in hopes that their high visibility on compus would help to spread the word. We also sold the lanyards at lunch and when people came over to buy them I made sure they realized some cold hard facts. I passed out lanyards to city officials as well as a local bank, so that the message of defeating violence would be spread throughout my community. I had fun helping to raise awarness, and in the process I learned many more things about school violence then I had known when this was all just an idea in my head.

Plan of Action

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