Wave of the Future Energy Club


The Problem

The "Wave of the Future" Energy Club at La Mirada High School, California, has been busy educating students, teachers and the general public about the importance of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy in the fight against global warming.

Plan of Action

Besides recruiting student members we have presented at two conferences this fall, "The Future is Green" at the Long Beach Convention Center and "The Green California School Summit" at the Anaheim Convention Center. In Long Beach, club officers presented power points on our club activities and in Anaheim, we exhibited our student made, fully functioning solar electric "dollhouse". Over 75 teachers from across California visited our exhibit and we even had a chance to meet the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mr. Jack O'Connell. We also have an on-going campaign, "Change a Light, Change the World" to acquire pledges from people to change their incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. We've received over 100 pledges so far this year. In October, as part of Energy Awareness Month, we conducted our fourth annual "Bike, Walk to School Day" (not pictured). We had about 270 students registered to participate and offset approximately 300 pounds of CO2, a harmful greenhouse gas.

Project Updates

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