What You're Smoking

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

I am trying to solve a lot of problems caused by smoking. Smoking hurts your whole body in so many ways and by showing people of all ages what is truely in the cigerettes hopeful they will realize how they are poisoning themselves and stop smoking. I see kids as yound as sixteen smoking cigerrettes. At our age most kids don't see the long term consiquences. All they see is how smoking makes them feel. If they see what it will do to them in the future along with what is in the cigerrettes they might stop and think about what they are truely doing to there bodies. Is it honestly worth it?

Plan of Action

I am going to get a group of kids who feel the same way I do about smoking together and we will make a display of all the things that are in cigerrettes and of all the health problems that can be accumualated from smoking them. I will put the display in a school case with trophies so kids will see it.

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