Why don't teens use their smart common senses to use contraceptives before having sex?

The Problem

We need to get it through young girls head to stand their ground and say "no" to their partner, if he suggest sex without a condom. These guys are manipulating all these young girls, they'll say "it wont feel the same with a condom". or "I can't feel anything". and my favorite one , "I'll pull out, i swear"......... THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND theres a such thing as pre-ejacaulate!!!!!! it too contains sperm, that gets us pregnant!!!!!!!

Plan of Action

Encourage girls to say "no". Get it through their head that if he cant respect you enough to wait until you are ready, HE ISN'T WORTH IT!! Also, girls need to know they don't have to lay down with their guy just because he wants it, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SAYING NO!!!!!

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