The Problem

I, Steven, will lead the effort to prepare and repaint 20 picnic tables located in a public park called Wickham Park Pavilion in Melbourne, Florida. The park is in need of repainted picnic tables. I can provide the leadership to organize a group of individual helpers to plan and complete this service project for the community. By doing research at Home Depot, the estimated cost of tools will be $60. The paint will be provided by the sponsor. Funding will be provided with fundraising by donations of a bucket drop located at the Wal-Mart on Malabar Rd. I will have one adult acting as a chaperone. There will be a log sheet at the bucket drop and at the project site in which volunteers will sign there names and be able to tell me what the volunteer got there and what time the volunteer left, Recruitment of friends and family will be managed to provide help for the project. Fundraising 1) I organized a fundraiser at the Wal-Mart on Palm Bay Road instead of Malabar Road. I made the necessary change because Malabar W.M. wouldn’t be able to let me fundraise until late August. 2) I held the fundraiser from 9a.m.-12p.m. on July 1st, 2007 with the help of 7 volunteers. The fundraiser I held was a bucket drop-in which the other scouts and I asked for donations. I had the volunteers wear their Class A uniforms and the shoppers at Wal-Mart were willing to donate to my cause. We thanked the people who donated with small pieces of candy such as loli-pops. When people inquired what the reason for the fundraiser was, I explained my eagle project and then they were more receptive to donating. We raised a total of $91.04. At the end of the project, I still had a remaining $40.45. I donated those funds to the Boys and Girls Club in Melbourne, Fl. Purchasing 1) I bought my supplies from Ace Hardware on Malabar Rd. They were willing to donate 3 brushes, two rollers, and two paint trays. I bought the rest of the supplies with the donation money. 2) For a list of the supplies purchased for the project, refer to the materials list in project details section. Friday 7/13 I had to cancel the project due to the fact that it was storming tremendously and the weather reports stated it was to be like that all weekend. I called my volunteers, scheduled to be there that afternoon, immediately to let them know of the change of plans and informed them that I will be rescheduling the project for the following weekend. When I got home I called the rest of my volunteers and informed them of the change of plans. Friday Afternoon 7/20/07 Pressure Wash Fence 1) Instructed my first volunteer to hook the hoses up to the water source, flush out the inside of the hoses, and connect it to the pressure washer. (Pressure washer was borrowed from my Scoutmaster to help save money.) 2) I then had my two volunteers clean the main arena fence inside and out using the pressure washer. 3) Fortunately, there was not any paint that needed to be scraped off. (We worked on the project from 4:00-5:30pm)

Plan of Action

What did I learn about Leadership? Regarding what I learned about leadership. I learned that I enjoyed the presence of my volunteers, workers, or employees. I tried to make them happy and make them feel like people that I respect. I couldn’t tell them to do the work and hassle them about it and make them feel like their working just to work. I also learned that if you try to make the project fun by cracking jokes and singing songs, we were happier and were getting the work done faster. Overall I learned that, no matter what the circumstance or the job is, if I have a good attitude and have my volunteers feel I’m not above them, but with them, then people would be more willing to get things done with me. I feel as if a common goal has been accomplished.

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