Into-The-Wild University

The Problem

Youth are surrounded by never-ending distractions in their urban lives, and many have never even been outside of their "urban bubble". I want to introduce experientialeducation to urban youth, in an at-risk of poverty part of Fort Worth, Texas, by taking them into the outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing, etc.) to help them identify their talents and develop those strengths to manage around their weaknesses instead of "weakness fixing", I have full faith that this time with allow for their self-reflection, team work, and personal achievements that will develop leadership skills that will help them in everyday life back in their bubble.

Plan of Action

To plan and execute a monthly camping/expedition trip for 2-4 youth per trip, fitting the criteria of at-risk of poverty, ages 7-13, and within a district of under-performing youth in standard education. The selection process would be decided by collaborating with a local non-profit to decide which youth would be benefited most by such an organization. Ultimately, I would like to raise enough awareness to have help creating a not-for-profit organization that would have expeditions more frequently with more youth, and have the experienced youth lead the others to develop ongoing leadership throughout their community.

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