Wish High Tie Dye

The Problem

I started a tie dye business where we tie dye clothes for sale for the Make-A-wish foundation. We contacted Make-A-Wish and signed an agreement allowing us to use their logo on all our items. All profits go to the make-A-Wish foundation. We started in November of 2006 and have been selling at local stores, parties and by word of mouth about once a month. We also attend a lot of different sports clubs in the area where there are a lot of children.

Plan of Action

While there are some children that do not survive, most do and with that, they have had the opportunity to experiences a wish come true. They have been granted the ability to believe. Their hope and strength gets them through touch times, and in the future, the world is a better place with one more leader. These children have the hope and strength to be leaders of tomorrow. They have learned at an early age how to fight to survive and with a little help from Make-A-Wish, they learn that their dreams can come true. I have been able to impact these children in making their world a happier place and being hope and joy to their world. My project started out with my friend and me making tie dye shirts one summer afternoon. The shirts came out really great, so we took them into our gymnastics center. They all sold, and mostly to kids, so we decided to try to give back to less fortunate kids. Since tie dye is very cheerful, we thought we could support a “fun’ and rewarding cause. That is when we contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation to see if they would let us use their logo on the clothing. They were in agreement. We now make shirts, tanks, shorts, socks and headbands. We have sold at large public companies, local farms at Halloween , local recreational facilities and house parties. We have even been getting orders for bulk quantities for favors for parties. To date, we have raised $37,000 and have been able to send children to Disney, Paris and even to LA to meet Daniel Radcliff at the Harry Potter premier. Each Wish costs approximately $7000. We hope to raise $80,000 by the time we finish our senior year in highschool.

Project Updates

In August, 2008 Wish High Tie Dye sold its tie dye merchandise on the beach in Duck, NC. This sales venture was very profitable,raising $3000 for Make-A-Wish.

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