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The Problem

Our mission is simple, we are here to help women every where realize what they are worth. Many women in today's society take on so much responsibility but we never take a moment for ourselves. It is important for every woman to know that they are not alone. There are many females out there who feel the need to get away and express themselves in a variety of ways. The Women Matter Organization focuses on growth and development of SELF. All women are beautiful regardless of their race or body. Women come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and this diversity is just not reflected in the media. It's hard to feel good about ourselves when we don't see ourselves reflected back. How we feel about our bodies affects how we feel about ourselves. So it's important that we embrace our bodies, and find ways to love our bodies and ourselves. Our meetings are to help women express themselves and share their stories. We provide an environment where the woman matters. We allow all our members to share their experiences and give as well as receive advice from others. We do not judge, we encourage. We do not hold these meeting to bad mouth men; we simply focus on empowering women. The Women Matter Organization is determined to help women every where grow and develop in every way possible. We provide an environment where every woman can discover her worth. It is a necessity for all women to love themselves and put themselves first. We engage in monthly meetings to discuss any issues we may be having weather it be at home,at work, at school or battling the past. We do not judge, we encourage all our members to share their thoughts and we welcome new experiences. There is nothing we can’t conquer, but sometimes we need a support group and that is exactly what the Women Matter Organization is, it is a big support group that is always looking for new supporters. We focus on loving ourselves first and loving each other second. It is important that females learn the value of other females. We laugh we cry and we EMPOWER! For more information please visit our website, www.womenmatter.bravehost.com

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