Worldwide Opportunity

The Problem

In the southern Pacific ocean there are the Fijian islands which lay home to many villages. In these villages there are many children who attend a single central school. This school is close to some, but farther away for other students, requiring them to walk for up to an hour there and back. So by the time that they get back home, night time is setting in and these children still have chores to do. When they finish their chores they have homework to do, and studies done on the island show a drastic increase in school performance when the students finish homework, further reinforcing what they learned during class time. However, because it is dark and they do not have any form of household electricity, their parents or siblings or sometimes themselves have to use candle light, which is dim, in order to see their papers. This to me seems like an unnecessary process to completing homework and I want to help them.

Plan of Action

My plan of action is to do one of two things. First I can install several large solar panels to the roof of the school, allowing for batteries to be recharged while the kids are in class. This solar panel can also be used for other power needs as well. When the students are done at school they simply grab a battery pack and take it home with them. At home they will have a small setup that houses LED's overlooking their homework papers that they will plug the recharged battery into, thus giving them light later on at night when it is dark. My second options is to do something very similar which is to show the kids how to build their own portable LED platform that they will also use to hold smaller, individual, solar panels so that they can carry it around with them. The smaller, portable, setup will charge a battery as well and will be able to be deconstructed and reconstructed where ever the student may be or need to be. Either way, the students will have a cheap, renewable source of light so that they can perform better on their homework and in school allowing them the chance to compete in academics with the rest of the world. If successful, this concept and plan can easily be adopted by many other places and implemented any where in the world that needs light.

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