Adopt a Pal

The Problem

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale devastated Sichuan, China, killing 70,000 people and left many people homeless. Thousands of children lost their parents to the tragic natural disaster. The grieving process is difficult for any one, especially for a child. But it does not have to be a lonely process.

Plan of Action

The project organizer solicited donations from local merchants and raised $1600. The project organizer bought backpacks, journals, and MP3 players. The project organizer also plans to match each Chinese earthquake surviving child with an American pen pal. The project was featured in a Sichuan major newspaper in which the article called for any earthquake surviving children who wanted an American pen pal to sign up. The project organizer has received a list of Chinese children, many of them lost their parents, or permanently disabled by the earthquake. The project organizer has also made arrangement to ship the package to the newspaper company in China. The journalist who wrote the article will deliver the package to the school and hospital where the earthquake surviving children are located.

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