Xer-Size It

The Problem

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Stephanie Swindling, along with 4 other girls of Girl Scout Troop 242, want to build a fitness trail at Girl Scout Camp Nocatee in Clewiston, Florida. We want to build this fitness trail to encourage girls to exercise more so they may build there cardiovascular system and prevent obesity. This will help them get in tip-top shape. We started this project when we heard all of our friends talking about how unhappy they are with their bodies. We want to finish this project in February 2008. Wood used will be pressure treated and painted with hunter green paint with paint additives to prevent it from overheating. Galvanized metal piping will be used on some equipment. The metal will also be painted hunter green. Signs will be light brown and/green. We will secure the equipment into the ground with cement. These materials were chosen for safety reasons and to preserve the look of the natural environment. Signs will describe the stations with difficulty levels and how to use the equipment. The first sign will have information that contains the rules and regulations of the site, for example: • Open dawn to dusk • Wear closed toed shoes • Must be accompanied by a buddy • Do not use this course in bad weather Our site will include stepping stones to show the entrance of each station and map out the site. Our goal is to help young girls to make a life-long committment to good health through exercise.

Plan of Action

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