Homelessness Network

The Problem

Over 30% of Humboldt County residents are living below poverty level, and children are often caught in the middle, without their basic needs being met. These children do not solely suffer from economic disadvantages, but they suffer from unequal educational opportunities as well.

Plan of Action

The volunteers of Homelessness Network serve several transitional housing areas around Eureka on Saturdays and Sundays. In our past year of service, our program has been able to better assist these children by expanding our service hours. We are able to spend more time improving each child's reading level, sharing and leaderships abilities, and confidence. We are also able to provide them with a meal during the lengthened hours. The skills and esteem of these children have progressed alongside our service, and Homelessness Network hopes to continue extending their role in the community. The Network hopes to reach the larger Humboldt County community by organizing monthly nights for children and teens at the local Boys' and Girls' Club. Furthermore, the Network hopes to empower the community with fundraisers (including book and clothing drives).

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