YLA (Youth Leadership America)

The Problem

We are trying to solve the problem of passive, inactive, uninvolved youths. There are so many teenagers who know nothing about the world, their nation, or even their communities. Granted, some teens do not have the money for an expensive program, so we are trying to give them the opportunity to learn about their world and how to affect it in a positive manner, without having them pay thousands of dollars. We lack leaders in our generation, and we are trying to create leaders. We are the next generation that will make an impact in the world, and we have to prepare for that.

Plan of Action

We are creating a program to teach leadership skills to a group of teenagers based in the Bay Area. The program will consist of an 8-day summer program followed by a 14-week fall program that meets once a week. We will be contacting speakers to come and speak in front of a group of dedicated youths, setting up educational seminars, and planning out workshops to teach leadership skills. The program will be organized and run almost entirely by a youth board of high school students, with a little help from the founders, which will also give the youth board valuable leadership skills.

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