The You Air Foundation

The Problem

The You Air Foundation is to let kids and teens, even adults know that even though you have Asthma , its okay because this foundation is for you to talk to someone , to not feel alone, or down , to let people know they are beautiful in their own unique way. Just because you have health problems does not mean you are no different from anyone in this world. Just hear to talk and listen to anyone that are hospitalized or are going through tough times dealing with asthma.

Plan of Action

My plan, is to visit young children, such as infants to the age of 50+ that has asthma , to visit them in the hospital and to raise money for this foundation to get them toys, medicine they may need or anything they want that they can not have. I will not promise to get anything as they wish but i will promise them that i will work as hard as i possibly can to get them what they have always wanted.

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