The Young and the Dramatic

The Problem

It has come to our attention that the variety and quality of middle school extracurriculars is not a solid basis for the development of a diverse student population in our city. Focuses include sports, reading, and cultural immersion, all of which contribute to a positive environment; unfortunately, there is no theater programs that are easily accessible to fifth and sixth graders in Howard-Suamico. It is better, as in any activity, to let children try something when they are young and grow in that area, or alternatively, decide it is not for them. Theater and drama at further levels is often slowed by inexperience that could be mediated.

Plan of Action

We plan to start a sustainable youth drama program at Lineville Intermediate School that auditions, casts, practices and performs a play. It will be a lot of work, but kids deserve options and early-onset inspiration.

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