Young Wheelers In Need

The Problem

Chair Advocates is an established Youth Venture which upholds disability rights and help people with disabilities to lead independent lives. We will assist people with disabilities get funding for adaptive equipments like dressing sticks, reachers and other everyday living aids. Even though ADA tackled most disability related issues, there are still some that needs to be addressed and taken into consideration. For instance there's a large amount of people with disabilities who's suffering from poverty. Chair Advocates is going to help these people reach their full potential and do whatever it takes for them to live an independent life. We will fundraise money to help them purchase everyday living aids necessary for them to complete daily tasks without assistance. Truly, a person who has the right equipment for his/her level of ability is literally free of physical limitations. We all have the responsibility to look to the future and to help each other find ways to live fuller, more fulfilling lives. Adaptive equipment makes that future possible.CA started a project called Young Wheelers In Need (YWIN) with a focus on teens with physical impairment who are wheelchair-bound ranges from ages 12 to 21. The objective of this project is to raise awareness about available adaptive equipments to promote independence among teens. CA members will conduct workshops in local Junior High Schools and High Schools to inform them of ways how CA can help in areas like funding options and grants distribution. At the same time membership applications will be distributed to students and individual filmings will take place. The video will be a part of CA's documentary piece to be shown during our fundraising event in April.

Plan of Action

Those working for Chair Advocates are role models for the younger generations. Teens living with a physical disabilities were able to interact and share their life experiences with others. At the same time, mentoring and financial assistance gave them the support that they need.

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