Young Women's Leadership Speaker Series

Official Project

The Problem

The all-female, majority black public school (grades seven to twelve) in North Philadelphia can be transformed into a proud and excellent institution that improves the communities, creates peaceful living, and cultivates leaders in North Philadelphia. This change will occur when the students are exposed to female leaders and professionals and convinced that they are essential community citizens. The Young Women’s Leadership School (TYWLS) seeks to expose the students to exceptional leaders, scholar, artist, and professionals in a motivational and leadership speaker series. The mission and motto at TYWLS is for students to learn today so that they can be leaders tomorrow. To truly cultivate leadership qualities students need to be exposed to adults who can inspire and encourage them to be great and successful. Thus distinguished artists and musicians, female professional athletes, political activists, business leaders, elected officials, professionals, and writers will attend a monthly school-wide assembly in addition to a smaller group conversation with relevant classes. These discussions, lessons, and motivational speeches will allow the students to experience the lives of successful adults and expose the young female leaders-in-training to positive role models so the young females can aspire to be successful leaders and contributing citizens in their communities.

Plan of Action

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