You're Lovely Campaign

The Problem

Hundreds of thousands of adolescents, teenagers and young adults are uncomfortable with themselves. They are bullied, depressed, self-conscious, etc. Some are simply lonely, feeling like they don't matter. This can lead to eating disorders, self-harm and even suicide. We need to give these beautiful people a little happiness.

Plan of Action

Have teenagers and young people from all over the world send in anonymous letters, gifts, drawings or whatever they want. These gifts will be sent all around the world to those who really need it. The teens in need will be located through their friends referrals (ie: my friend has anorexia and she needs some love), school counselors, rehab centers and similar facilities. Also, leaving notes like this in public that say "you're a beautiful person" or similar things would help. This is to promote random acts of kindness, some people need it more than you'd think.

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