Youth Art Expression

The Problem

Chad Martin3:07 PM To: Chad Martin From: Chad Martin ( Sent: Fri 11/15/13 3:07 PM To: Chad Martin ( We are solving a few issues with the youth art expression event. We are combating the serious problem of gang graffitti in the area by asking local artists to come utilize their gifts and talents in a postive way by painting in the park in the low income area that we have reopened. The unemployment rate is very high in the area which leaves parents unable to afford alot of extracurricular activites so this is providing a positive outlet and strengthen the family unit in a fun, family, atmosphere. The community as a whole has been strengthened by making people realize that they can become their own change agents.

Plan of Action

We have already re opened the park with a clean up day that got 30 citizens and organizations together to clean up old bottles and trash out of the unused park. The city of Martinsvilles public works department has also given us old telephone poles that we are turning into park benches which the youth will paint. The city of Martinsville has given us the park to use at our leisure to bring more foot traffic in before they close it down. We will utilize the funds to purchase the paint, brushes, and basketball rims to help beautify the park and also getting the local artists to paint urban art to bring it alive and make it their own. The park is becoming a center of hope and a means of a project based attraction of how communities can come together to become their own healing. We will also be providing a community garden in the park that citizens will be able to grow their own source fresh fruit and vegetables.

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