Youth Bucks for Healthy Eating

Official Project

The Problem

It is widely known that the youth of today are confronted with a greater prevalence of obesity and health risk than the generations that have come before us. The quality and availability of nutritious, healthy food is undoubtedly an important contributing factor to this issue, which can lead to both short and long-term consequences for the health of our future leaders. My mission is to help make healthy, local produce more available to children through participation in fun, educational activities which promote healthy decision-making in eating habits for all at an early life stage.

Plan of Action

Promoting healthy eating and health food education for today’s youth is one of the missions of Farming for our Future, a non-profit based in Harbor Springs. As one of the upcoming projects for this summer, I am hoping to collaborate with FFOF to further this mission by promoting a Youth Tent at the Harbor Springs Summer Farmer’s Market. This tent will be run by our high-school volunteers and will allow kids to participate in food-related educational activites in exchange for “Youth Bucks”, a type of in-market coupon allowing kids to then purchase an item of produce of their choice from the market vendors. We are hoping this incentivised program will not only help foster a sense of healthy living among our community’s youth, but will incite families to visit the downtown market to promote collaboration and community with our neighbors, farmers, and downtown vendors.

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