Youth Cleaning to make a difference

The Problem

We Are The World We are The Future clean up / beautification efforts. Together the book club enhances the enviornment by coming together and picking up trash and litter to help brighten the community. We have seen the collective self-esteem of families and neighborhoods increase as the result of our project. Though we have a long way to go we have seen that our cleanup efforts can make it easier for the Youth to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves. We Are The World We Are The Future needs your help to get T-Shirts and supplies for our on-going cleanup efforts. Such as brooms, rakes, shovels, trash cans , trash bags and gloves. So that the Youth of today can add enhancements to the DC and MD area. We as Youth can make a difference. We Are THe World We Are The Future. Cleaning one neglected street/ neighborhood a month as long as the weather permits.

Plan of Action

Project Updates

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