Youth Dances

The Problem

There are too many teens between 13 and 18 with nothing to do in my community. There is about a thousand students pre high school in the neighboring cities of Lewiston, ID and Clarkston, WA. We here call it the Valley there are 2 other cities about ten minutes out of the city limits know as Lapwai, Idaho on the Nez Perce Reservation with 600 students and a small town with about 450 high school students in Asotin, WA. Lewiston and Clarkston are the main source of entertainment for students with not that many places to go except for a small mall.

Plan of Action

I pulled together about 10 people in the community to offer there time for 3 hours. My bestfriend and I do photographer/ marketing and dj services so we had that part covered. We worked out a contract with the Quality Inn to offer there services and banquet hall for about 700 people for a lowered rate. I asked a small business owner for there light and sound system for a lowered rate. The next step was promoting the dance through facebook and text message, having sister that is 16 made it easy for us to tag people through facebook. Once the teens started to see the flyer via facebook they shared and promoted it themselves. Staples actually offered as much help as possible with printing tickets and flyers for free with hugs. The local radio station Y105 which plays hip hop I contacted before on a different project and they were very invovled with free promotion for the dance and giving away 30 tickets on the radio the week of the event. We had students pay a $6.00 cover charge, which basically paid for everything including paying everyone that helped.

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