Youth Fitness and Nutrition Expedition

Official Project

The Problem

Fannin County in Texas is a limited-resource county. Therefore, subjects such as health, fitness, and nutrition are not considered priorities and many youth are not exposed to these subjects on a continuous basis. Youth Fitness and Nutrition Expedition is for youth 7-18, and consists of 30 sessions, once a week. Each sessions consists of a 20 minute lesson on a fitness, nutrition, health, or community service topic, followed by an hour of physical activity. Physical activity focuses on running, walking, resistance training, teamwork, and active games (such as relays). Once a month, youth are introduced to a new sport, such as basketball, rock climbing, and golf. The program consists of pre- and post-surveys measuring current physical activity and nutrition habits as well has basic fitness and nutrition knowledge. A pre- and post- fitness assessment is also conducted to asses how well the group improves over time. Toward the end of the program, youth will choose a group of kids not in the program, such as those at the housing authority, and teach them their favorite nutrition and fitness topic. Also at the end of 7 months, youth will participate in a 5-K running event in the closest city. This is a grass-roots operation and in the first few months of the first year of operation. As a limited-resource community, funding is difficult to come by, but much needed in order to get this program off the ground. The goal is to have one curriculum for youth ages 7-12 and a separate curriculum for those 13-18, so that the topics can be tailored to each age group.

Plan of Action

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