Youth of the Future

Official Project

The Problem

This program will allow youths in every community to come together and participate in community building activities. I have high hopes for youths and they are the future. The more programs that young people can get involved with enables them to stay out of trouble. By showing them that it is fun to work together to accomplish tasks they will grow and mature into wonderful teens as well as adults. Some programs that I would be interested to see youths participate in would be senior citizens programs such as visiting them during the holiday (or randomly). If youths can comprehend how much they influence older adults views on younger people, I think that they will start to change that negative stereotype that they are percieved by. Also, other programs such as raising money for their community by organizing and working at yard sales and community fairs. By getting youths involved with programs, everyone can benefit from it. The parents will be proud of them, the community may recieve donations and the youths because they are making everyone happy around them.

Plan of Action

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