Youth Inspiring Action: Leadership 8.5

Official Project

The Problem

Youth Inspiring Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to youth networking to help each other organize and initiate projects. This project, Leadership 8.5 is for eighth grade students in the summer before grade nine to develop some leadership skills (and build on ones they would have learned in Leadership 7-8 if they were a part of that program), to meet and bond with some mentors from local high schools, and have some fun in a safe, friendly environment in those summer days when there isn't much to do. Out-trips will be taken as a part of the program to have fun, to bond with the mentoring students of higher grades, and to build on the skills developed in the leadership component of the program. Leadership 8.5 will be run at Strathcona Community Center, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This project is currently under development.

Plan of Action

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