Youth Rebuilding New Orleans

The Problem

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO) is an organization open to all public, private, and parochial high school students. Our overall mission is to be a facilitator for local youth to become involved in the recovery and rebirth of New Orleans. We believe as future leaders it is our responsibility to bring about a better quality of life for our future. New Orleans is coming back with the help of countless volunteers and their hard work. The overwhelming support from people across the country has been a blessing which will never be forgotten. However, the local youth must do their part in rebuilding New Orleans. YRNO has facilitated many out of state volunteers working hand-in-hand with local teens. The unique partnership has allowed visitors to bring back special memories of not just what they did, but who they met. YRNO started as a grassroots effort to gut the homes of teachers. Our efforts then shifted into getting more people involved in rebuilding New Orleans. YRNO hosted four large scale projects across different areas of the city. The first large project came after numerous hours gathering supplies and donations from local business owners. The first project was our greatest success with over four hundred volunteers gathering to help. YRNO brought movement, noise, and hope to the silent community.

Plan of Action

If young people can learn valuable lifelong skills while simultaneously improving the community in which they live than YRNO is fulfilling its mission. We execute this mission by purchasing and rebuilding homes, repairing them using volunteer participation, and selling the properties to deserving teachers that could otherwise not afford the homes. This model allows YRNO to reduce blight, teach marketable construction and financial literacy skills, and helps minimize the financial burden that many local teachers accept to make a difference in the classrooms.

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