Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition

Official Project

The Problem

We are creating a statewide youth-led suicide prevention coalition in Montana. We will work together to come up with creative media projects to be used in schools and communities across the state. The goal is to reduce the stigma of depression/seeking help, increase awareness of the issue of suicide in Montana and what other youth can do to help.

Plan of Action

Project Updates

Everyday we progress our "movement" by letting people know what is going on everywhere,every day, every minute, & every second (Teen suicide) . Therefore, we express of feeling & thoughts to students and teachers around school so we can inform then about this situation. Our main goal is to reach far from just our school & make a change in the community. We have tried to raise money throughout the last couple of weeks to try to get guest and motivational speakers & share our own experiences. This is really important to me & the main reason why i started this is because two people that were really close to me took there own life because of bullying. I hope you reach out to us & understand what in trying to do for the community. Thank you for your consideration.

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