Youth Together

The Problem

Youth Together's goal is to engage young people in community service to help abused, homeless and ill children. Youth Together is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works with elementary and middle school student councils, Students Thinking of People and Peer Assistance and Leadership programs to help homeless, abused, and critically ill children as well as homeless animals and the Dallas Zoo. We offer ten different projects in which these student organizations can participate. Youth Together provides the youth of the today the tools to become the community service leaders of tomorrow.Our biggest impact - we have made $100,000 starting with a poster board while getting 50,000 students in 7 states involved in community service. We chose to do a project here in our own communities because we feel that there are children in need in our own backyard. We wanted to teach our students what it feels like to help others so they will be involved as adults. We also will be involving middle/high students in a community service grant program. Youth Together has taught over 50,000 children about community service. We have run projects in 20 different cities in Texas, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvannia, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado and New Mexico. We have donated to the Children's Advocacy Center (abuse), the Samaritan Inn (homeless), Presbyterian Hospital (ill), Make a Wish Foundation, Hopes Door (shelter), Operation Kindness(animal shelter) , Raised by Wolves, Inc. Caps for Kids and the Dallas Zoo. We have helped 8 youths start their own community service projects in Texas, New York, Nebraska, California and Louisiana. We have enlisted Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro, Plano Mayor Pat Evans and Terrye Jiles, Executive Director of PCS to help us choose these youth service projects.

Plan of Action

Project Updates

2/4/2008-Youth Together has raised over $100,000 dollars to help area children and have collected 400 backpacks filled with school supplies for abused children, 200 games and movies for ill children at area hospitals, and have granted dream wishes to eight critically ill children.

In addition, they have collected Halloween costumes, Christmas stockings along with gift cards and Easter baskets for 500 children at homeless shelters through the past five years, collected books for senior centers, sponsored 6,000 homeless animals at area shelters, donated gifts to a medical center for children without medical insurance, gave out 7 grants this year to children to help them develop their community service projects, and taught over 50,000 children about the value of helping their communities.

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