Youth Transition & Mentoring Initiative

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The Problem

Each year, youth with disabilities leave high school with no plan for higher education or community based employment. Our goal is to ensure each youth has an understanding of their abilities and is ready for their individual transition into the community.

Plan of Action

-ATI successfully developed and sustained a Peer Mentoring Program and will continue to develop this program to be more youth driven. -ATI will partner with Youth Power! to develop a youth-driven support network. -ATI is partnering with the Cortland High School on a "Model Transition Program" tp provide youth with the transition skills they will need to successfully achieve their goals.

Project Updates

The Youth Transition & Mentoring Initiative has been taking strides toward a more effective transition system for youth.

First and foremost, we have reached our goal of raising $20,000 to continue this project and also to fund othe youth initiatives provided by Access to Independence.

We are now working closely with Youth Power! a New York State, youth driven networking organization dedicated to youth voice in systems change. Youth Power! is comprised of youth with disabilities and and social/emotional challenges. Through this partnership, we have facilitated an engagement event at one high school and received a positive response from many students and teachers.

Currently we are working to start a regular group where youth can network and work on issues that concern their transition out of high school.

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