Zumba Fitness in the P.E. Classes

The Problem

Myself and another Licensed Zumba/Zumbatomic Fitness Instructor have been donating thousands of dollars a week since August 2012 to Instruct Zumba Fitness in our local County Schools P.E. Classes. the problem we are running into is finding funds and grants to help us to continue this project. I do a different school per day for 5 days, 8hrs per school and I have up to 6 schools while other schools are asking for me to bring it to their P.E. classes also. I supply the music, my own transportation, gas and the workout instruction along with Healthy eating tips for the whole day. I keep my License and ZIN membership current. It is difficult to provide the service without compensation of some amount and other Instructors would love to help provide this service but can't afford to donate the service as I have done.

Plan of Action

I would love to have sponsors or to start a sponsorship for Zumba Fitness in the P.E. Classes in our County and eventually statewide.

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