Action Tips: Become an Activist

How to make that!
green thanksgiving

Action Tips: Have a Green Thanksgiving

Making your holiday earth-friendly is a great way to show Mother Earth you're grateful.

teens in car

How To: Green Your Car

What you can do.

Action Tips: Get Eco-Educated

5 ways to make your school more green.

global warming

Action Tips: Ways You Can Stop Global Warming

There's so much you can do in your every day life to help the fight.

Action Tips: Save Energy With Your Computer

Note: you might want to rethink that screen saver.

art room

Action Tips: Green Your Art Room

Make sure that the place you make art, especially at school, is eco-friendly.

How To: Host a Penny Drive

Collect everyone's spare change for good.


How To: Recycle Batteries

The diff between an alkaline and a lithium.

school campus

How To: Encourage Your School to Become an ENERGY STAR Partner

Your campus could reduce energy consumption and cost.