11 Dirty Things to Do This Earth Day

Ways to celebrate today.

How To: Fight Factory Farms

What to look out for when you shop.

Action Tips: Host a Lights Out Day at Your School

Have a lights out day at your school (no lights means no energy being wasted!)

Action Tips: Reduce Asthma Triggers Indoors

Prevent asthma attacks by cleaning up an indoor space with these steps.

Pet Obesity

Action Tips: Reduce and Prevent Pet Obesity

More than half of America's pets are overweight.

Rainbow Flag

How To: Start a Gay-Straight Alliance at School

Help promote understanding and acceptance in your hallways.

Action Tip: Celebrate International Women's Day

Raise awareness for women in need on March 8.

Action Tips: Hold a Financial Literacy Workshop

Get people educated about loans, credit card debt, and other financial mazes.

girls gossiping

How To: Handle a Bully

Follow these tips to become someone who intervenes.

How To: Be Safe in a Winter Storm

Tips for (safely) beating the cold.