11 Ways to Help You Pay for College

We know how crazy navigating the process of paying for college can get so we've compiled a bunch of resources to help you figure out all the logistics. From information on bargain schools to filling out the FAFSA, we've got it all. Keep reading on for the inside scoop.

  1. Are you beginning the college application process? We know how daunting and intimidating college applications may look, but we're here to help you breathe a little easier. Action Tips: Applying to College
  2. Do you know all the different types of colleges there are? Many people are only aware of the traditional 4-year schools, but what about community college or trade schools? It's important to know all of your options before you apply. Know Your Options: Different Types of Colleges
  3. See how community service affects acceptance into college. We surveyed top colleges and universities and asked them what they look for when it comes to community service. Community Service and College Admissions Survey
  4. Get more bang for your buck. College tuition is expensive. Really expensive. Trust us. We researched the most expensive schools and put the top ten here, but we also included what a few reliable sources claim to be the "Best Value Schools." How Much Does a College Education Cost?
  5. Don't know what to do when applying for a scholarship? Scholarships are great opportunities that can be tremendously rewarding. To maximize your potential, it's important to stay organized and show the judges who you are. How To: Apply for Scholarships
  6. Some schools are surprisingly generous. Although tuition is on the rise, more and more schools are committing to 100% financial needs met and becoming need-blind. Generous Schools
  7. Need help applying for financial aid? Financial aid is a great opportunity that allows many low-income students attend college. Take advantage of it if you think you'd be eligible! Action Tips: Applying for Financial Aid
  8. Want more information about applying for financial aid in your state? Each state has its own financial aid program specifically for their residents. They give away scholarships, grants and aid packages to eligible students for higher education. Financial Aid by State
  9. Confused about all those weird financial aid acronyms? We've compiled a huge list of terms and acronyms that may pop up when you're researching for financial aid. Financial Terms and Acronyms
  10. Financial aid isn't the same at every school. The definition of "financially needy" varies by school. Make sure you get all the information about your school's policy before you make your decision. 11 Factors to Determine Financial Aid
  11. Not sure the difference between public and private colleges? The difference can mean everything (especially financially!). Keep this information in mind as you are researching schools. Public vs. Private Schools