Jenessa T.

$4,000 Teens for Jeans Scholarship

Jenessa says: "In the past year I've done a lot of community service in my town. I've worked with my church, my elementary school's PTO, our local Relay for Life, Girl's Inc, and several other organizations. So far I've only been involved with Teens for Jeans, but I plan on being more involved with DoSomething as opportunities arise. Homelessness is important to me because I feel as though no one should ever have to go through the struggles of it. Food and shelter should always be available to everyone. I hope to get a great education out of a college degree so that I can work to my potential and do the best that I can. If I were a crayon color I would have to be yellow because everyone always tells me how energetic and involved I am with things taking place around me."

Adam Shoemaker

$4,000 Love Letters Scholarship 

Adam used his creativity to brighten the day of local seniors with handmade Valentine's Day cards and won a $4,000 scholarship! 

Adam says: "I currently have been volunteering at Dish restaurant in Valparaiso, IN, shadowing the chefs in their kitchen. I am involved with the Love Letters campaign as well as Teens for Jeans. Both of these causes are important to me because they help people in my community. I will be attending The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York this fall, and my hope is to get training from world class chefs and become a great chef myself one day."

Olivia Ciccone

$3,000 Bully Text Scholarship 

Olivia invited her friends to stand up to bullying and now she's getting $3,000 to help pay for college.

Olivia says: "I am involved with a program called Students in Action, and with Students in Action we do a lot of volunteer work such as Food for Thought, however my personal volunteering includes tutoring, helping with community needs, and with school functions. The Bully Text Campaign is important to me because bullying is a major problem with many people I know; too many people are willing to say they are against bullying, but aren't saying anything when they witness it. I am involved with because of SIA and other groups such as National Honor Society that motivate me to want to do more. What I hope to get out of a college degree is to be able to move to New York and make my way in the fashion industry as CEO of a major label."

Sarah Bett

$4,000 Mind on My Money Scholarship 

Sarah says: "In the past year, I've volunteered by helping to clean our neighborhood trails, clean and organize the North Hills Community Outreach Food Pantry, and helped run a bake sale to raise money for the Humane Society. I am currently the Vice President of the Awesome DoSomething Club- our local chapter of The DoSomething Club. The Mind on my Money campaign is important to me because I know that it's important to have a successful life financially, and to be able to contribute to society. After I graduate from college, I hope to be able to work with kids, or possibly join the Peace Corps."



$4,000 50 Cans Scholarship

Wilson says: "I was drawn to’s Recycling Cause because my family has been recycling for as long as I can remember. What I have noticed on our weekly runs to the center is that we create three times as much recycling as we do trash. Imagine the impact it would have on the environment if every family in America cut their waste by 75% by just separating out recyclable materials! I plan to study engineering because with the knowledge I gain I hope to affect my community for the better."


Kira Gavalakis

$4,000 Cell Phones for Survivors Scholarship

Kira says: "Domestic violence is a huge issue, and I’m glad to help spread awareness of it. Many people don’t understand that someone they could see every day could be experiencing an abusive home life. As a senior in high school, I am always hearing how much my friends want to go home after a long day at school. Yet, they may not understand that some kids see school as their only hiding place from a destructive home life. I’m honored to be a part of a cause that helps raise awareness for domestic violence. I think everybody deserves a safe, welcoming place to call home."


Jessica Layne

$2,000 Seniors and Technology Scholarship

About 98% of 18 to 29-year-olds use the Internet, compared to just 56% of people ages 65+. We asked young people to spread some serious knowledge about older Americans and tech by sharing this stat with friends.

Jessica says: "In the past year, I have volunteered for multiple things ranging from serving the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to doing a river clean-up. All together I have done about 40-50 hours of community service within 2013. One way I plan to volunteer this year, is with I am involved with the following things on The Bully Text, The LGBT Bullying Text, and I plan on doing the Love Letters campaign. It is apparent from my work with how important I believe it is to teach older adults how to use technology because it is the world they live in today. I know many people who have grandparents in different states, and with the technology we have today, people can now talk to their family members whenever they want! I hope to get an enriching education and to become the best special education teacher I can become with the training through college. If I was a Crayola crayon color, I would be blue because it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and truth." 



Bethany Michaels

$2,000 Stand Up to LGBT Bullying Scholarship

81% of LGBT students are verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation. We asked young people to stand up to bullying and share this stat with friends. 

Bethany says: "Hi! My name is Bethany, I am 18 years old. Over the past year I have volunteered at the Youth Impact Program for at risk kids in my area and have been a Youth Co-Chair on Communities that Care, an anti-underage drinking and tobacco use coalition. I spread the word about LGBT Bullying to my friends and family and I am now participating in the Valentine's Day cards for Seniors with I hope with a college degree that I can influence the world for the better; I would love to be able to travel the world and experience new cultures and people!" 



Keisha Hayfron

$7,500 Mind on My Money Scholarship

3 out of 4 teens don't know about personal finances. We asked young people to arm friends with money skills by running a workshop (choose from 3 pre-made workshops) to teach them.

Keisha says: "I am involved in Octagon community service, which is a program at my school. In this program I have been able to volunteer in my community cleaning up the Marina Coast shoreline. I also helped serve thanksgiving food and drinks to senior citizens on Thanksgiving day. These volunteer experiences have helped me to become more of a caring individual and have helped me to be an inspirational model to my younger siblings. 

I am involved in in the category of Mind on my money workshop. I got the opportunity to learn for myself about the money and also teach it back to students. has benefited me in ways of saving my money and spending it useful." 



Edrina Flores

$3,000 Bully Text Scholarship

1 in 4 students report being a victim of bullying, and 73% of teens say the best way to stop bullying is to step in when you see it. created an SMS experience, The Bully Text, to show students how to stop the bullying cycle at their school. Participants who shared with their friends were eligible for a $3,000 scholarship. 

Edrina says: "I have done volunteer work twice this past year. In May I hosted a bake sale for the victims in West, Texas due to the Fertilizer company explosion. I hosted the bake sale at my old school Katy christian Academy we raised about $200 in only one day so it was an awesome turn out! I loved the feeling of making some sort of difference, the money was later delivered to the American Red Cross. I also volunteered at Texas Children's Hospital for the Championship Hearts Foundation for a young athlete free heart screening back in August. is an amazing site that helps you get involved in many causes all over the world I got involved in the Thumb Wars campaign, the 25,000 working Women campaign and the Bully Text Campaign. The Bully Text was particularly important to me because I have been personally affected by it, my cousin was constantly bullied in school and I remember how she would be scared to go to school because of bullys and NO ONE should ever be scared to go to school, we're there to get an education. In sending these Bully Text I felt I contributed a bit of help to raise awareness anything really helps even a simple text. My main goal in college is to get a bachelor degree in Global studies what I hope to get out of my college degree is a career in a non profit organization helping the fight against human trafficking. If I were a crayon I would be the color red because not only is it my favorite color, but red is a color that stands out and I feel that I'm a person that stands out in determination, desire and passion. My passion is to help others in any way I can, so those are the reasons why I feel red is the color I would choose to be."



Samantha Canche

$4,000 Fed Up Scholarship

21 million students a year rely on school lunch as their primary source of energy, but the average school lunch packs in more fat and sodium than a person should eat in a full day. We sked people across the country to take a picture of their school lunch, answer 10 multiple choice questions, and shed light on what's really in cafeteria food.

Samantha says: "I am constantly volunteering in my community by tutoring other students and classmates at my high school and volunteering at my church on the weekends. offers a lot of simple yet fun ways to earn scholarships that help people to become more involved in their community and learn valid lessons as well, which is why I chose to apply to the Fed Up! Scholarship because something really does need to be done about cafeteria food (I mean did you see the photo I submitted?) This campaign is important to me because although it is easier and cheaper for schools to give us meals like the ones we're used to, it is not benefiting our health as much as it could be. We should have fresher foods, more fruits, and less processed meals. My goals for college are to get a degree in mortuary science, become a mortician, and to be ready for whatever life throws at me!"



Brittany Davis

$2,000 Secondhand Smoke Scholarship

Secondhand smoke kills over 46,000 nonsmokers every year. Teens across the country shared this sad fact with their friends, bringing to light the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Brittany says:" was brought to my attention from a scholarship website, and since then I have spread the word about this admirable site to all my classmates. When I saw "Secondhand Smoke Awareness", I became animated and inspired because spreading awareness of the effects of smoking has been a passion of mine since I first-handedly watched my grandfather die due to cancer caused from decades of smoking. With my future college degree, I will attain the knowledge and perseverance needed to be a positively influential member of society, whether that be in the field of engineering, psychology, or international relations."


Karli Snow

$4,000 Birthday Mail Scholarship

1 in 3 homeless people in the US is under the age of 18 and unfortunately many of them cannot afford to have a birthday. No one should have to miss their birthday, so we asked young people across the country to come together to create birthday cards for homeless children.

Karli says:"Homelessness is an important cause that needs to be resolved because I don’t like seeing people scared and alone with no where to go; if I were in their shoes, I would want someone out there in the world to care about me, just as I have by sending homemade birthday cards to someone in a homeless shelter. I hope that one day with my college degree as a Registered Nurse, I can help out more people around the world and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life."

Megan Still

$2,000 Environmental Ninja Scholarship

Ninjas emit 86% less CO2 than the average person. Why? Because ninjas don’t drive. We taught people across the country ways to go green, and channel their inner ninja.

Megan says:"Saving the environment is really important to me because it will majorly impact my future. If I don’t do something to fix this problem now, then it will just continue to get worse and may become unrepairable. I am currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I wanted to choose an occupation that would allow me to directly help others and decided that nursing was the perfect career for me."

Christie Osler

$2,000 Send a Text, Help a Woman Scholarship

Over 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day, and 70% of them are women. We asked young people across the country to share that stat with their peers to raise awareness about the issue.

Christie says:" I am thrilled to receive this scholarship because women's empowerment is very important to me as a young woman feeling as though the value of women and what they contribute to our society is greatly underestimated. One day with a college degree, I plan to prove myself as a successful young woman and use my degree to open many doors for my future."

Allison Cowdell

$3,000 Puppy Text Scholarship

Millions of puppies are born in horrible conditions each year, just so puppy mills can make a profit. Through text messages, thousands of young people across the country stepped into the shoes of a pet store employee who discovers their store support puppy mills.

Allison says:"I've always been interested in volunteering with my local animal shelter. I've also had the opportunity of volunteering with the National Honor Society in high school and am starting to volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity, an organization I joined at my university this fall. I am involved with through their different campaigns and awareness raised with their varied causes. I plan on graduating with my masters degree in social work, which will allow me to pursue child advocacy and other career paths associated with the welfare of my community."

Kristina Vystartaite

$4,000 Pics for Pets Scholarship

Over half of the pets that enter shelters are euthanized. One reason they don't get adopted? Bad online photos. asked young people across the country to go into pet shelters and take photos of the animals.

Kristina says:"With so many health risks on the rise in our country, I have plans to help both children and adults with nutrition. I am currently majoring in psychology to better understand the mind. The mind is such a powerful influence on the decisions that we make. I hope to get the knowledge that I need to help the masses make better decisions about the food they eat and how it effects our social relationships, bodies, animals, and our planet as a whole. Thank you for giving me the chance to help my local community on an issue that is so overlooked."

Mary Hall

$4,000 I Heart Dad Scholarship

167 million American adults have high blood pressure - that's 1 in every 3 adults. challenged young people across the country to take their father's to the drug store to get their blood pressure checked.

Mary says:"This summer, I interned at the Little Light House which is a school for kids that have special needs. The kids at this facility are no older than 4 years old. I helped the teachers keep the children focused, and helped them do their work. I've been a follower and admirer of for several years now. It has inspired me to get involved with my community like sending cards to troops, and working for the poor."

Hyunseo Park

$3,000 Undocumented for a Day Scholarship

11 million people in the U.S. can't legally work, get an education, or contribute to society because they are not citizens of the U.S. created a text message game where you could challenge six friends to experience a day in the life of an undocumented student.

Hyunseo says:"Over past year, I've had the pleasure of volunteering as a member of an animal rescue group; this included taking care of the animals and general maintence of the facility. I often forget how fast time passes while I'm participating at the animal adoption center because It was so much fun! It was my father that gave me the useful information about the scholarship program on, from which I've applied and got involved with the Undocumented Students Campaign."

Rebecca Rasbeary

$4,000 Community Improvement Scholarship

There's been a lot of debate in the media recently about teens being lazy, but we know how much you really do. That's why we challenged young people across the country to submit photos of your work improving the community, and we'll use them in a national commercial.

Rebecca says: I helped out with the JROTC program at my high school and have done a bunch of roadside clean ups. I got involved with by hearing about it and thought hmm, let me see what this is about and once I saw what they had and what they could offer I joined it and loved it. What I hope to get out of a college degree is to get a job I love and will always like to do in the future."

Shayne Kelley

Shayne says: "Over the past year, I’ve volunteered in a few organized environment clean-ups in places like the beach or local canyons. I occasionally receive updates and texts from , and because of my ability to learn and help out/educate others through simple text messages, I often participate in such promotions. With my college degree, I am hoping to both work for businesses in other countries and broaden my horizons by learning about other countries, their language, and their cultures. If I were a Crayola crayon color, I would be Cerulean. This is because I like to help others (thus the blueness), but I am also passionate in everything that I do (like the brightness of Crayola’s Cerulean)."

Zoe Rothstein

Zoe says: "I love to volunteer, and over the past year I've volunteered at my local public library and offered free math tutoring to my classmates. I'm a big fan of, and have taken part in activities including The Hunt campaign. I plan to study computer science in college, and hope to one day use technology to help people with mental illnesses. If I were a Crayola crayon color, I'd be "beaver" because that's the mascot of, MIT, the college I'll be attending."

Katrina Stapleford

Katrina says:"I have been volunteering in my community since I was four years old and have been member of for over five years. In 2011, I went to a Do Something Boot Camp in Los Angeles as I was starting my own Do Something Club here in San Diego, focusing on helping “Kids In Need,” locally and globally. We participate in many of the national campaigns and also plan many events on our own. A few of our highlights include collecting over 2,300 pairs of jeans for past Teens For Jeans campaigns, creating hand-tied blankets for orphans and foster kids, and procuring and distributing thousands of pounds of food for a variety of hunger projects including Tackle Hunger, Food Packaging Events and PB & Jam Slam. I will be attending Point Loma Nazarene University this fall and will be double majoring in Managerial & Organizational Communication and Non-Profit Management so that I can continue to be involved in social action and helping others during college and beyond. If I were a Crayola crayon color, I would be Purple Pizazz. The name says it all!!"

Nissi Costello

Nissi says:"Through I have worked to raise awareness for Music Education, Texting while driving, and Teen pregnancy. I have been steadily involved with Friends Universities student tutoring outreach program through Colvin Middle school, as I am working towards my Bachelor, in an effort to prepare myself to help change the world as much as I can! If I were a crayon color, I would be bright blue, because it is a cheerful color that can brighten anything. "

Timur Rusanov

Timur says:"With the formation of the Do Something Volunteer Club at my school this year, I decided it would be a lot of fun and benefit for myself to help out my community. Over the past year we have done several in-school and out of school events and the one that sticks out would be cooking dinner for children and their families at the Ronald McDonald house. I hope to have a future in Bio-medical Engineering and with a college degree, have an influence on progressing science in the society that I live. Besides that, I would define myself as an "Outer Space" Crayola, and not only because that sounds cool."

Lauren Dwane

Lauren says:"A friend of mine gave a workshop through , and I’m thrilled to be a scholarship recipient! This year I’ve helped feed the homeless through my church, and started work for a group on campus to help with a local Hartford food pantry twice a month. I hope to utilize all my University has to offer while I pursue a dual undergraduate degree in Music Education and Classical Voice. If I was a Crayola Crayon color, I would be Off-Road, because I’m pretty consistent with just a few unexpected twists."