7th Annual Summer Intern Scavenger Hunt

For those of you who are steadfast blog followers, you know that one of the most highly anticipated days of summer at the Do Something offices is the Annual Summer Intern Scavenger Hunt. And let me tell you...the hunt last Thursday did not disappoint! Our college and high school interns were divided into three teams (Bahama, ShueBlue, and Sol - our favorite colors!) and set out to conquer a list of fun, cause-y, and just plain wacky tasks. Head to toe in Do Something swag, they hit the ground running (literally) and managed to complete over 100 tasks created by our staff!

Some of our favorites?
-Bring Tom Calderone at VH1 a bag of Skittles
-Create a Do Something branded flashmob with at least 50 people
-Kiss Adam from Mashable's ring finger
-Provide photo evidence of a Mobile Commons team member sitting on your shoulders
-Find a picture of our own Catie Miller at her senior prom

The day was an enormous success and ended with a slideshow of all photo and video evidence from the hunt...our interns gave the DS staff a good laugh and Team Shueblue walked away with Starbucks gift cards and most importantly- bragging rights!