We talk about it on the bio section of our site. We talk about it in our intern postings (which are now live at Now we have proof:

This scrumptious creation was made for us by Chef Mike Fantini.

We just had the most delicious bake-off one could possibly imagine. The theme was chocolate so there was no limit to the options. We had peanut butter dream brownie bars and chocolate marshmallow dripped cake. Crunchy rolled nut drops and cupcakes with cookie crumbles. YUM.

The winner though? Hands down the top prize of the day goes to our Grants Intern Sara. Her brownie cupcakes topped with milk and white chocolate fudge blew us all away. As the only intern who entered, we are oh so impressed! Three cheers to Sara!

Interns Emebeit and Chandra enjoying the winning treat!