takes over the White House

We don't mean to brag (ok fine, we do...), but it's just another week here at and we've had two big days at the White House.

On Wednesday, our Business Development Associate (and resident flower child), Melanie, hit up the White House Youth Summit on Clean Energy as a precursor to her trip to Copenhagen next week to attend COP15.

And today, our Content Editor, Vanessa is en route to DC for a White House round table discussion on improving the workplace through smart work / life policies. And as a hard-working single mom, with a deep passion for causes that touch the Latino community she'll have a lot to say! Aside from speaking her mind at the round table, she'll be on the look out for the first lady, because according to Vanessa, her secondary mission is to make Michelle "my new BFF!" (And c'mon, they look pretty good together in that pic)

Good luck today V and Mel, we can't wait to get your daily reports when you're rubbing shoulders with leaders from around the world at COP15!