Happy Halloween from the DS Staff!

Ever meet an org where every single staff member comes to work dressed up on Halloween? I introduce: the Do Something team! Check out our staff's amazing costumes...

Left to right: (Front Row) Schoolgirl, Beanie Baby, Chaka Khan, Hogwarts Student (Ravenclaw)
(Back Row) Blind Mouse, Boxer, Lucha Libre Wrestler, Springsteen, iPhone, Shingles(?)

Left to right: Charlie Brown, Cleopatra (with Canine Miranda), Pirate, Old Fashioned Housewife, Nerd, Bear

Left to right: Pregnant Panda, Alice in Wonderland, Pacman enemies (Nancy w/her kids!), Wonder Woman, Red Bull Angel, Blind Mouse (again?)

Left to right: Springsteen, Pokémon, Blind Mice (more?), Constellation(?)

Left to right: Luigi, Miles as Rob (Tech Team joke), Renaissance costume (hand-made!), Han Solo

Ohhhhh, Three Blind Mice

Editor in Chief Betsy brought her dog Bean to get in on the action. Welcome, Canine Miranda.

Happy Halloween from the DoSomething.org staff!