A Little DoSomething Data

“OMGee look at those curves.” Yes, our resident data analyst Bob Filbin actually just said that! Nerding out over the latest data he’s compiled, Bob, along with development team member, Chris, is working to improve the number of people signing up to become a DoSomething user. As you read this, they’re staring at the curves on the graph included above, which shows the number of people signing up as a DoSomething user after seeing a long sign-up form (“Original Page”) and a short sign-up form (“Variation #1”). Turns out the short form results in 25% more sign-ups than the long form! Bob, who’s been at DoSomething for two months now, says this test is just beginning. “Next, Chris and I are going to test which food is more popular in the DoSomething office: pizza or deep-fried ravioli. Or maybe it's deep-fried pizza.” We can't tell if Bob's kidding or not, but if not, we're looking forward to pizza!