Our "Holiday" Themed Bake-Off

Last week we had a holiday themed bake off. Sure, it may be the middle of the summer, but why not? We had every thing from chocolate chip cookies to a heart shaped cake. Fun was had by all and we had some great baked goods. It was the college interns last day, so feelings were bitter sweet. We weren't able to choose a winner since everything was so delicious but we will give you a run-down of the treats!

High School intern Mo impressed us all with his Mardi Gras beignets.

Marketing intern Kelsey showed her intense Florida Pride with a gorgeous Key Lime Pie.

High School intern (and YAC member) Alex made a red velvet election day cake.

Clubs intern Natasha made a heart shaped birthday cake in honor of her father's birthday (aww)

Farima, our CGG intern, made scrumptious frosted chocolate chip cookies.

We were only able to wait until 10:30 before breaking into the baked goods. Oh yaaa.