Quack, quack

Here at DoSomething.org, we have some serious stuff going on. Amanda and Jordyn are working away on the grants to fight teen dating abuse and the Do Something award grants. Content team is cranking out content on human rights and climate change. Aria is chatting up big companies to ask them to show us the $$. So amidst all this, today's big question became...

Should we adopt one of those furry little guys in the pic? Yesterday we introduced you to the penguin, today we introduce this little gang of ducklings up for adoption. It didn't take us long to decide: we want one! After a little research, we decided we could take care of one, and have reserved it a spot at an animal sanctuary in a year (when it gets too big for us to take care of).

What do you think bloggies?! Should we adopt one? Are you pitching in for animal welfare?