The Tenacious Twenty (our new interns)

Meet our new interns and learn some quirky facts about them. You thought that you knew everything about our interns? Well, it's time to learn some new stuff!

Meet Brad, our dashing video intern. Brad’s favorite show as a young boy was Rocco’s Modern life because it wasn’t as gross as Ren and Stimpy was. Brad went
to Dennison, and this summer he is filming a short film with some friends about a group of census workers as well as throwing a music festival.

Greet Colleen, our lovely campaigns intern. Colleen’s favorite show as a kid was Recess because it’s just such a great cartoon (she also is a proud owner of Recess the movie). Colleen is a student at Ithaca College and this summer she is planning a 5K run to help get plumpy-nuts to Ethiopians.

Check out Ekateryna, our super friendly finance/administration intern. She goes to the University of Albany and is currently teaching herself Spanish from Spanish for Idiots. As a child, she loved the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Why? Just because!

Get a load of Emma, our spectacular scholarship intern. When she was just a girl, Emma’s favorite show was Hey Arnold because (get ready for some exclusive information) she had a crush on Arnold. Emma goes to Vanderbilt University and this summer she is doing P90X: one intense workout routine.

Say hello to Hannah, our awesome social entrepreneurship intern. As a young girl Hannah’s favorite cartoon was Pepper Anne because it had a good theme song. Hannah goes to the University of Southern California, and this summer she is helping to expand dosomething’s Boot CampX!

Meet Jackie our, extra-special, special projects intern. Jackie’s favorite television program, as a young gal was Rugrats because she loved the idea of babies talking as well as watching them do mischievous things. Jackie goes to Tulane University, and
this summer she is getting ready to move into her new apartment in New Orleans.

Say hello to Janey, our dazzling business development intern. She is a student as Hofstra, and this summer she will be tutoring kids and working as a nanny.
When she was younger, her favorite cartoon movie was the Little Mermaid because she loved Ariel.

Meet Kapish, our wonderful development intern. He is a student at New York University's Stern School of Business. When he was younger, he loved the cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants because it was an outrageously hilarious cartoon.

Meet Kristina, our awesome content intern. She is graduating from New York University, and this fall she is going to live in rural France for a year. When she was younger, her favorite cartoon was Recess because she wanted nothing more than to be an “Ashley.”

Say hi to Lauren, our talented graphic design intern. She recently graduated from the University of South Carolina, and she has been working on Do Something’s footlocker campaign. Her favorite childhood cartoon was Johnny Bravo because Johnny Bravo had the coolest dance moves.

Say hey to Libby, our super cool content intern. As a lass Libby’s favorite cartoon was Recess because they had “the coolest depiction of a teachers lounge” and “TJ was super hot ;)”. Libby is currently a philosophy major at the University of Michigan and this summer she is writing for the DoSomething website.

Meet Lindsey, our excellent user relations/data intern. When she was a young girl she loved to watch Hey Arnold with her sisters. Lindsay is a going to be a student at Boston College, and this summer she is exploring fun things to do for free in the city.

Meet Nick, our fabulous business development intern. Nick’s favorite show as a young lad was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because firstly they’re awesome, and secondly he aspired to fight crimes. He is a graduate student at John Carroll University, and this summer he is running a cross-country camp.

Meet Paul, our brilliant marketing intern. He is a student at Bowling Green State University. When he was younger, his favorite cartoons were Bobby's World and also Johnny Quest because it had a cool intro theme song.

Meet Sarah, our user-relations intern for the summer. She is a student at Parsons School for Design. Sarah’s favorite cartoon as a child was the Wild Thornberries (good choice) because Eliza could talk to animals and that’s just awesome. This summer Sarah is learning how to skateboard. (In this photo Sarah has her arm around her imaginary friend, Caliope)

Meet Shoshanna, our excellent clubs intern. She is a student as Barnard. This summer she is going to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. When she was younger, her favorite cartoon was Rugrats because Angelica was her favorite character.

Meet the magnificent Morgan our grants intern! Morgan’s favorite show when she was young was Doug because of quail man’s awesome outfit. She went to Princeton University, and this summer she is training her one-year-old yellow lab puppy!

Say hey to Priya, our fantastic business development intern. When Priya was a young girl her favorite movie was Aladdin because she loves Jasmine. She goes to the New School for Management and Urban Policy in NYC. This summer she is teaching a Zumba fitness class!!

Meet Lily, our warmhearted campaigns interns. She is a graduate student at New York University. As a child, Lily's favorite show was The Jetsons because she loved the awesome technology they had.

Meet Gleb, our great Tech intern. He recently graduated from New York University. His favorite show was The Simpsons because he believes that it is America's greatest accomplishment.