We’re a full house now!

School’s out for the summer! And what better way to start the summer than by working at DoSomething.org? Our high school interns certainly agree!

The first round of summer 2010 high school interns started this week and they seemed a little nervous but very excited to begin. Now, don’t be fooled by the title high school intern. They are in fact made up of rising high school seniors as well as upcoming college freshmen and sophomores. After introducing themselves to one another, they were given a tour of the office and learned their tasks for the summer. Then the newbies were ready to work!

Well…not just work. During their break the high school interns were able to socialize with the college interns and explore the vibrant streets of the city. In fact, a few of the interns spotted a Sabretooth (also known as Liev Schreiber), who was peacefully strolling through the streets with his children. No, they did not ask him for an autograph. But they did follow him around for a bit…

Awww, look at those beaming faces posing right outside our office! We are very excited to have you guys this summer!